Chariteam goes WYLD bei der „Tour de Friends 2018“ von München nach Venedig

Das Chariteam München startet 2018 bei der „Tour de Friends 2018“ von München nach Venedig!

Mehr Info aus dem Veranstaltungstext von RadRace:
„Last Year we had a plan – well, to be accurate it was more like an idea. To do something truly epic and by looking at our small company: something big! To ride across the alps with 400 friends. A stage ride that crossed paths with a lot of well-known traditions but furthermore tried to bring back something that often lacks priority in other bike events: COMMUNITY AND FRIENDSHIP.

Now the first edition of the RAD RACE Tour de Friends lies in the past and we knew right away that we had to do this f***ing grat stageride again.

Let’s make this short: When you participate in the RAD RACE Tour de Friends all you need is any bike (an e-bike is not a bicycle), a bagpack and some old or new friends. From the time you arrive in Munich everything is settled! And that is the beauty of it because after the Riders Briefing you simply have to care about cycling. We will prepare a route consisting of 4 stages starting from Munich and going through Achensee, Brixen, Vittorio Veneto until you will finally arrive in Jesolo. Breakfast in the morning, loads of snacks on all checkpoints and a dinner with local specialties is guaranteed on all four stages!

You can register as a single rider or a two person team (and start in the gruppetto) but recommended is to start with 3 riders or more to enter the time classification.

Those are the facts BUT they only make up half of this event. To get a good impression we recommend to watch our highlight movie below!

Wer hat Lust von Euch mitzukommen? Dann einfach bei Andreas melden!

Veröffentlicht von Chariteam München

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